Smoked Diamond Back Steak with Cherry, Cabernet, Morel sauce

In meat, sauces, singles, smoked on June 7, 2009 at 6:57 am

Smoked & Grilled Diamondback with Cherry & Cabernet Sauce

Smoked & Grilled Diamondback with Cherry & Cabernet Sauce

Smoked & grilled diamond back cut.  A well marbled cut from the shoulder that is well suited to grilling and smoking.  Seems lean, but  very tender.

I purposely use a small grill in order to keep the smoke circulating around the food.  I’ll often place a cut of meat onto a grilling plank with either another plank burning underneath the grate or with wood chips burning beneath it.  In this case, the steak was placed onto grate as well, at the end, to accentuate the caramelization of the steak.  I will often brush on something a bit sweet to help that process.  In this case the marinade was comprised of pomegranate extract, teriyaki, and a few drops of worcestershire sauce.

Cherries (and morels) were placed on the steak during smoking.  Vegetables and fruits soak in the flavor more.  Then a few smoked cherries and morels are put into the sauce pan to assist the sauce  joining with those flavors.

Smoking Diamondback shoulder cut with cherries

Smoking Diamondback shoulder cut with cherries

Sauce:  a bit complex but what I can remember and will tell is smoked cherries, morels, cabernet, plum, pomegranate extract, a bit of tamari, miso, black pepper, balinese pepper, paprika, chipotle, etc. with smoked cherry and morels for garnish and added flavor.

Every time I make something it is a little different from the last time.  I love using what’s in front of me.  So, if I have a decent cab, I’ll splash a little in.  It’s also to give some consistency to various elements of the meal.  If I’m in a good zone I can make anything work.  If I’m off, well, I’m off.  Then I wonder why I didn’t write down the secret to that particularly good previous success or such.


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